<h2>Print: </h2>
					Dark spreads like this one help set the tone for the Breast Cancer (anti-Avon) campaign.

					<h2 class="avon-outdoor1">Outdoor: </h2>
					<p class="avon-outdoor1">An in-your-face series of wild-postings spread Breast Cancer’s message of fear and hopelessness.</p><br /><br />
					<h2 class="avon-outdoor1">Ambient: </h2>
					<p class="avon-outdoor1">Breast Cancer is both patient and deadly, as illustrated by this bus-shelter takeover.</p>


					<h2 class="avon-directmail">Direct Mail:</h2> <p class="avon-directmail">Those who have never contributed to a US based breast cancer charity may end up receiving a dark surprise in their mailbox.</p>

					<h2 class="avon-foursquare">Foursquare</h2>
					<p class="avon-foursquare">Through check-ins and location specific tips, Breast Cancer will remind its followers that no one is safe.</p>

					<h2 class="avon-twitter">Twitter:</h2>
					<p class="avon-twitter">Followers can stay up to date with the dark musings of Breast Cancer on Twitter.</p>

					<h2 class="avon-outdoor2">Outdoor:</h2>
					<p  class="avon-outdoor2">Following the initial Breast Cancer (Anti-Avon) phase, Avon will begin to respond with advertising of their own; as seen here in these dueling outdoor placements.</p>

					<h2 class="avon-mag">Magazine Wrap</h2>
					<p class="avon-mag">
					Breast Cancer and Avon duke it out on this magazine belly band.

					<h2 class="avon-website">Website</h2>
					<p class="avon-website">Visitors to Breast Cancer’s official page will be greeted by a surprising transition and a passionate call to action.  This website reveal is available throughout the campaign.

Avon Walk for the Cure

In many ways, the pink ribbon has become a victim of its own success. The farther and wider the brand is spread, the less it seems to mean. To help bring its true message home, we created a two phase campaign defining that which Avon stands against.

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